Double Depth
Double Crushing

The success that the Bivanga repaid the Selvatici firm for years of study and technical testing. La Bivanga is such a unique tool that it is covered by a European patent. In 1987, when it was introduced to the public, it won theEIMATechnical Novelty Award  and was among the first implements recognized as innovative by the Law 752. In these years the Bivanga has achieved excellent results.
The second spade, during the upward movement exerts a vigorous rotary effect that:

- deep buries even the longest stalks by accelerating their decomposition. 
- Deeply bury manure or compost.
- Buries all residues (leaves,shrubs,etc.) from previous crops.
- It exerts additional soil crushing.
- thanks to the action of the leveler, the Bivanga makes it possible to get the soil ready for planting with a single pass.
It has therefore proved to be the ideal tool for floriculturists and horticulturists. The spades can be positioned in as many as 6 different ways, allowing the working depth, its speed and burial to be varied. Such multifunctionality has no competition of any kind. In higher value crops, Bivanga gives superior results. Under greenhouse can be easily exploited for planting the whole area. II soil is evenly tilled across the entire width and to maximum depth.
Bivangas are easily applied to implements designed to simultaneously perform land baulking, a very important operation to promote water runoff in horticulture and floriculture. The interraces of the Selvatica baulators are easily adjusted and allow you to go directly from the previous harvest, to the soil already baulated and ready for planting. Safety guards in accordance with UNI 10634. The machines are depicted, in some cases, without safety guards in order to allow a better view of the internal organs

In the configurations 1-2-3-4 the Bivanga performs the work in the terms described at different depths, up to the maximum possible. The speed may not exceed 1.5 km/h 0.95 miles/h.

In the configuration 5, you reach the same depth as a regular spading machine but, at the same speed, you get much more crushed soil. It is also possible to increase the working speed of the Bivanga to 4.5 km/h 2.8 miles/h achieving the same crushing as the spading machines, at practically double the speed.

In the configuration 6 the Bivanga achieves the performance of a spading machine of the same series (or crank radius). Because by removing the supports and rear spades it becomes lighter (weight in parentheses) it can be used with smaller tractors.