The rear scrapers are probably one of the most popular agricultural implements because they are used for: leveling roads and land, clearing snow, leveling yards, cleaning stables and ditches, etc.. Since tractors have been equipped with lifts, the Selvatici company began to build rear scrapers, which, although simple implements, have been equipped with important accouterments for more versatile use.
Only in the Selvatici rear scrapers do you find the joints with 30 different front-mounted positions (first made back in 1969) and the knives that can be used on both sides.
Accessories are available to perform plowing, assolcation at adjustable distances, grubbing, clearing and leveling. Ranges available are 1 to 4 meters/39-138 inc. and features can be understood from the series name, e.g. Series 45.1 (blade height 45 cm/17inc.,1 joint), Series 75.4 (blade height 75 cm/30 inc., 4 joints).


The soil leveling is an increasingly practiced agricultural tillage because, by eliminating depressions, it promotes uniform crop growth and avoids the ever-damaging stagnation of water. It is an indispensable operation in rice fields. By coupling a Selvatici leveller with a laser system, perfect leveling can be achieved, while on slopes exact determination of the slope angle is equally possible.
In addition, Selvatici levellers can be used in racetracks, sports areas, construction and road preparation, etc., with flexibility of use and economy of operation when compared with track loaders.