Selvatici Company



Our company was founded in 1969 by Franco Selvatici and has always been characterized from the beginning by producing high-tech tools for intensive, high-productivity agriculture. The historic headquarters has always remained in San Lazzaro di Savena, in the province of Bologna in the plant at Via Rodriguez, 4. Today, Mr. Selvatici is joined by his wife Roberta and son Lorenzo in business leadership.

The reliability of Selvatici products is the result of highly specialized construction based on theexperience of four generations.
The design has also always taken care of weight distribution and overall dimensions to avoid unnecessary overloading of tractors, which would turn into hazards when working on slopes, and to facilitate road travel and maneuvering in narrow spaces.

Details make all the difference

cutting edge AND PRECISION

Attention is paid to the smallest details in the construction: this can be seen particularly in the sizing of the gears, bearings and rotating shafts, which are designed to withstand maximum stresses.
We are also at the forefront of construction technology; in fact, within our facility we use the most modern means such as the welding robot, which ensures error-free production and is considerably stronger than traditional manual welding.
Selvatici’s sales network and technical department are always available to provide all the information and assistance needed to avoid possible waste of time and money.

History Selvatici


Vincenzo Selvatici began making animal-drawn plows in 1915 when tractors had not yet been invented.

Later, after World War II and until the early 1990s, sons Cecchino and Peppino Selvatici were dealers in tractors and farm equipment throughout the province of Bologna.

In the late 1960s, on the other hand, Franco Selvatici, Cecchino’s son, began building the first spading machines and post hole diggers, which he brought to the 1970 Verona trade show. Selvatici Ltd. has won as many as 5 EIMA technical innovations over the years and holds numerous patents.

In 2014, Eng. Lorenzo Selvatici, son of Franco and Nanni Roberta still with the company, became president of Selvatici srl, continuing the development of new agricultural equipment.
This family tradition has developed the experience and technology related to the problems of tillage at the greatest depth.
This has led to continuous contact with customers in order to meet new needs as they arise.

Particular care is given to after-sales service so much so that spare parts are available even for machines built dozens of years ago, and this is critical for those who work.